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How to Create a Functional and Fabulous Tablescape #DIY

Some of us love to create and each item we do has its own story to tell. Sometimes we just don't know where to start, but lucky for crafty fellows such as ourselves there are helpful guides called "do it yourself" recipes found on the internet. And with those you may just be amazed at how [...]

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Lend a Hand, Add Your Touch to Your Event.

Some of us love creating, we know in our heart what we create is uniquely ours and gives a warm sense of accomplishment. This is a wonderful feeling. With simple materials you can make your own decorations for that future festive event. We have in our resources a few great ideas of how to create [...]

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The Cuvier Club’s Neoteric New Beginnings

The Cuvier Club never succumbs to apathy when it comes to the beauty of our venue – we are always striving for unmatched magnificence – forever building upon this beautiful, ocean-side, La Jolla locale.  Since the start we’ve applied every effort in rectifying [...]

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Designer Tips for a Fresh Look

One of the most valuable designer resources is right in front of us and yet it's hidden right before our eyes.  We can't see it but we can certainly put it to use, you could call it free space, it's all the area in front of the door, above our heads, to the side of [...]

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An Early AM Computer Conference Call

At 6:30 the doors opened into the entry hall where bright red strawberries, honeydew melons and cantaloupe lay on shining metal fruit trays just next to containers of cranberry and orange juice, the fresh oranges bobbing in the liquid next to coffee containers with the slightest hum of steam swirling off into the morning underneath [...]

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More Tips for the Designing Eye

The options seem endless when designing a special night, there are an infinite number of colors, props, and innovations that can be used to construct a beautiful design scheme for any event theme.  When a venue is large enough to hold 300 its also a large project when designing. But in our hour spent designing [...]

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Celebrating Kourtney, Fundraising for a Cure.

Hosted by Monica Dean from NBC, there was a magical concert held inside The Cuvier Club on Sunday. This concert was a fundraiser aimed to save Kourtney’s life and collect the needed funds so Kourt could have her 2nd multi-organ transplant. Some of the donations also went toward Kourtney’s non-profit organization, Kourt’s Crew, which hopes to [...]

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The White Elephant Sale is Bringing Help to Those in Need, Now.

The white elephant sale if full of items, almost anything you could imagine; but since a picture says a thousand words. Here is what you can look forward to if you come join the good times and good will.

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A Fine Tradition brings Treasures to the Cuvier Club this Weekend.

Saint James by the Sea is hosting their 74th annual White Elephant Sale here at the Cuvier Club.  This will be the place where you can find anything from custom colored clay cups to rolling top antique desks decorating the floors inside the Cuvier Club’s spacious halls. The ticket prices are $10 in advance or $15 at the [...]

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