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A Unique Couple with a Great Taste

Another gorgeous day in La Jolla brings another wedding to the Cuvier Club. Our venue was packed with great people, great food, and a terrific couple that brightened the whole ballroom. We took a few photos of this unique wedding to share with you. Tell us what you think, and as always, feel free to Pin anything you like!

kids table centerpiece

Let’s be honest, which table would you rather be at? This centerpiece was a giant vase of candy and goodies with other treats strewn all over. What a fun way to make sure the kids are enjoying themselves.

wedding centerpiece

Maybe I’m a bit bookish, but I very much liked these simple centerpieces. The books added a nice touch that I’m sure was central to the bride or groom’s (maybe both) personality.

wedding reserved sign

Simple and elegant, these reserved signs matched nicely with the theme and the rest of the decorations.

wedding centerpiece

Here’s another photo of the centerpieces on the tables. Each table was slightly different and had their own unique accents such as this birdcage.

wedding sword

Yes, that’s a sword! Right in front of the ballroom they had this sword next to the wedding dessert!

chalkboard wedding menu

Here’s the Chalkboard Menu for the evening served by the Abbey Catering. I got a taste of a few of the items and they were wonderfully delicious.

key name place holders

The table place card holders were very cool and I wasn’t the only one who thought so, too. Everyone was taken with the keys and thought it was a creative idea.

photobooth props

Here’s a shot of some of the props that were set out for the Photobooth.

Chalkboard wedding sign

As you can see, Chalkboard’s are very “in” right now and you can see why! They are a fun, easy and neat way to write messages. And reusable too!

wedding centerpiece

So the centerpieces were a favorite of mine and I took a lot of photos of them. But most centerpieces are the same for each table so it was exciting to see something that changed things up like the birdcage and and this clock.

wedding bike centerpiece

On a long square table there were a couple of these cool old bikes that were among the assorted items that made up the centerpieces.

wedding dessert cake

This couple opted to use something besides just a regular wedding cake for dessert. If you look closely, you can also see that there are small pictures of Star Wars characters dispersed throughout. Sure it’s a little quirky, but I really respect that the couple did something that reflected their personality.

chalkboard sign for puzzle piece guestbook

Traditional guestbooks are nice, but they often get lost or forgotten. With a guestbook that is more unique and fun, you are more likely to keep it somewhere out in the open. The guests loved the puzzle pieces and I do have to say that the chalkboard sign was clever.

la jolla sunset

As the wedding went on I stepped outside the Cuvier Club and I took just another beautiful La Jolla sunset. As the day ended, Seana and Johnny’s wedding marked the start of a new beginning.

Cuvier Club

Life’s always a #Beach in #SanDiego

We might only be steps from the beach, but that didn’t stop this couple from bringing the beach to the Cuvier Club! They decked out our ceremony site and ballroom with a bunch of beach-themed decorations. They had everything from a driftwood pergola to sea shells at the entrance of the aisle. As always, the wedding was a success and everyone had a blast. Check out these photos that we took to share! If you really like something put it on Pinterest!

aisle before the wedding

This is the first time I’ve seen a beachy wedding at the Cuvier Club which is surprising since we are so close to all the famous beaches that La Jolla is famous for. This is the aisle just as guests were showing up and just about ready.

starfish decorations

Check out these starfish decorations! They were at the ends of every other aisle. It made me think I was in a tropical paradise — I guess San Diego will have to do!

burlap reserved sign

These reserved signs were really neat. They really made every effort to make sure all the decor matched the theme.

driftwood pergola

This driftwood pergola was a real hit with the guests. We mostly see couples married under a traditional arch, but this was a really cool way to incorporate a central decoration into what they were going for.

aisle with flowers

These shells and flowers were a great touch on our ceremony site and I really liked the placement at the beginning of the aisle.

sea shells

Here’s a closeup of the shells they had at the foot of the flower vases. All of these little touches came together so well. They really utilized our ceremony site well!

father walking daughter down the aisle

This is one of my favorite pictures that I took of their wedding. A very special moment between the bride-to-be and her father.

reading the vows

The minister did a wonderful job of officiating the ceremony. He really knew the bride and the groom well and was ecstatic to see them married.

wedding rings

Weddings rings are such a timeless symbol of marriage, and though we see this at every wedding, each time is specially unique.

First kiss as husband and wife

You can really see the joy in the couples faces. Here’s a moment right after their first kiss as a married couple.

just married

It’s hard to believe that in just a few minutes, a promise is made to be together for many years to come.

bridal party

The whole bridal party looking expectantly at their two friends.

Bride and Groom smiling

They were like this all night! It was amazing to see them both laughing and smiling constantly.

Driftwood centerpiece

Here’s a picture of the driftwood centerpiece that was on head table. Really cool design with the starfish and the white flowers that matched the ones on the ceremony site.

White wedding cake

Keeping with the white, here’s a quick look at their wedding cake.

S'more wedding favor

Everyone loves s’mores and it’s a great way to say thank you to your guests.

Cuvier Club ballroom

There was non stop dancing with this crowd. Our ballroom was one giant party by the end of the night. I hope you enjoyed these pictures of yet another beautiful San Diego wedding here at the Cuvier Club! Until next week!

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Parisian Wedding in La Jolla

We’ve had quite a few unique ceremony seating arrangements recently here at the Cuvier Club and this is one of our favorites. The spiral arrangement allowed for a more intimate ceremony for this smaller guest count then the tradition layout would have allowed. Most couples choose to get married underneath the arch, but this pair chose to use it as an entrance to space. We also loved how they turned the ballroom into a Parisian cigar lounge. I think it worked out extremely well. Let us know what you think!

Bouganvilleas in the Ceremony Site
Once again our Bougainvilleas need to be mentioned. They really do make our ceremony site stand out. They provide such a wonderful backdrop for such a special day.

Cuvier Club arch
With the Bougainvilleas lining the ceremony site, this archway looks like you are entering a secluded garden.

Site prepared for wedding
Here’s the site all ready to go! The large flowers in the center are a great addition that help fill the open space without distracting from the actual ceremony.

Wedding Vows
Here’s the couple reading their vows to each other. The close proximity of the guests really changes the dynamic of the wedding making it much more personal for everyone.

Bride and Groom laughing
The Bride and Groom sharing a laugh and a smile. Though weddings can often be stressful, it’s always heartening to see a couple enjoying themselves.

Bride and Groom embracing
Just married! the bride and groom moments before their first kiss as husband and wife.

Pomeranians leading the couple
The Brides Pomeranian’s lead the couple through the arch on their way out. It looks like they are enjoying themselves just as much as everyone else.

Cuvier Club ballroom
Inside the ballroom where the reception was held, they creatively decorated the space like Parisian cigar lounge.

Cuvier Club ballroom
Here’s another shot of the entire ballroom ncluding the Eiffel Tower backdrop. The space was dimly lit, providing a swanky atmosphere to this fun party.

Ballroom with uplighting
The lamp centerpieces and the purple uplighting provided all of of the light for this reception.

Cuvier Club ballroom
Here’s one last shot of the ballroom before the end of the night. We really enjoying hosting this event at our venue here in La Jolla. We hope to see more like it soon at the Cuvier Club

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Tying the Knot in San Diego

We just celebrated Chris and Vienna’s wedding and their Asian-Fusion inspired theme was expertly done! Instead of the usual seated placement that we typically see here at the Cuvier Club, the ceremony took place under our pergola framed by hanging carnations. The guests were standing, which may seem less formal, but the ceremony also felt closer and more personal.
Chris and Vienna’s Guestbook.  Nothing fancy, but elegant in its simplicity.

Cuvier Club Ballroom with uplighting
The Cuvier Club Ballroom where the reception took place. The lighting really complemented the other elements of theme and warmed up the whole space.

Cuvier Club Ballroom with lighting
I liked the ballroom setup so much here’s another picture.  The hanging carnations were a fantastic feature to the usual decor

Flower centerpiece and table number
Flower centerpieces. Notice how even the candles match the color of the lighting.

assorted chocolate cupcakes
These assorted cupcakes are a very popular alternative to a wedding cake.

welcome sign for the ceremony
The wedding sign outside The Cuvier Club.  This style script was used on everything else – table numbers, beverage lists, etc.  Not overly busy, but still fun.

Wedding Vows
The bride reading the vows she wrote to her husband.  Original, a few jokes, and not too soppy, everyone enjoyed this moment.

Wedding party
Vienna and Chris’ wedding party lining the ceremony site.  I’m amazed at how much color there was during this event and it still looked great in our ceremony site.

Putting on the Wedding Ring
And there’s the ring! Two guests happily look on.

Bride and Groom
All smiles from the Bride

Cuvier Club Fountain
The ceremony sites fountain fit well with the overall theme

Dyed Hanging Carnations
These dyed hanging carnations were an excellent addition to the decor!

Flower Centerpiece in Ceremony Site
The ceremony site being prepped moments before the guests arrived.

The bride moving through the guests. She made it a point to thank every single person who attended. It made the day that much better.

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Teal Themed #Wedding & #Reception

This past Sunday was an absolute blast! We gladly hosted Lala and Robert’s reception at our venue on yet another gorgeous day here in San Diego! Here’s a quick peek at their teal themed party.

Cuvier Club Ceremony Site
Cuvier Club Ceremony Site

Floating Flower Centerpiece
Floating Flower Centerpiece

Champagne Tree
Champagne Tree in the Ceremony Site

Our ceremony site was literally bursting with color! Inside the venue, the reception was decked out with a terrific array of teal accents. The uplighting made the the entire event glow.

Thank You Box
Teal Wedding Favor

Head Table with Uplighting
Head Table with Uplighting

Teal Wedding Cake
Teal Wedding Cake

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Summer #Wedding in #La Jolla

Last week it was a great day to have a wedding! We took a few photo’s to share.  Let us know what you think!

ceremony site

Here’s a shot of our ceremony site right before the ceremony.  The Bougainvilleas are in full boom and ready for a great wedding season here in La Jolla!

champagne tree

Our Champagne Tree held some delicious mimosas to kickstart coctail hour!

Table numbers

We really enjoyed these name place holders.  Save you’re wine corks and have a unique DIY project you can use at your wedding!

center piece

Simple, easy, yet these flipped over wine glasses made some neat centerpieces.


These cupcakes looked almost too perfect to eat!

wedding games

“I Spy” was at every table.  What a terrific idea idea to get the conversation flowing.

wedding ceremony

The final moments right before the ceremony started. Take your seats!

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