Stunning Wedding at the Cuvier Club

Purple was the color chosen for this beautiful reception at the Cuvier Club, with sunflower centerpieces adding a refreshing touch and a splash of color to this summer wedding. If the centerpieces weren’t enough to grab your attention at this stunning wedding, there was no shortage of delicious food.  With this much [...]

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Staying Well Before the Wedding Bells

                You've shed blood, sweat and tears and waited countless months, maybe years, for this day to come.  You wake up, ready to tackle the day and finally marry the person of your dreams, but find you have an unwelcome visitor:  a nasty cold or flu.  So what [...]

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Stretch Your Dollar At The Cuvier Club

If you haven’t yet considered The Cuvier Club for your upcoming event, you need to sit up and take notice; the club was recently voted the #1 wedding venue by ABC News “A-List” for the second year in a row!  Born as a USO club in 1942, the Cuvier boasts vaulted ceilings, original hardwood floors [...]

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#LaJolla Mardi Gras #Quinceañera blow out!

Today was a joyous 330 guest celebrating a young woman's Quinceañera! They had a Mardi Gras theme, with a purple and gold color scheme, and beautiful floral arrangements to accent the rich colors. The family had a projector displaying the the young women's baby pictures! Come and drop by The Cuvier Club open house and see if we [...]

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Our baby grand piano just arrived!

We just received our new piano! The stunning cherry red wood reflects beautifully off our baby grand piano that just arrived today. It's permanent home will be here @CuvierClub for your listening enjoyment!     Add some class to your next event or just come on in for practice!

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Annual #Prudential Awards Ceremony #CorporateEvent

Wow! The awesome people over at Prudential (!/prudentialcal) really know how to throw an awards event. Held each year at Cuvier Club, they honor their best and brightest with a really creative and entertaining award show. With over 300 guests it was a total hit. We opened up the stage for them to use for [...]

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Ceremony Sites for The Cuvier Club

The Cuvier Club in La Jolla has become one of San Diego’s premiere event venues because we are the perfect marriage between the modern class of La Jolla with a little bit of the historical magic of the village. In addition, our venue’s versatility and flexibility attracts events of all types, especially weddings. Our beautiful [...]

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