How to Create a Functional and Fabulous Tablescape #DIY

Some of us love to create and each item we do has its own story to tell. Sometimes we just don't know where to start, but lucky for crafty fellows such as ourselves there are helpful guides called "do it yourself" recipes found on the internet. And with those you may just be amazed at how [...]

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A Unique Wedding for a Unique Couple

When Sartaj and David came in union under the Cuvier Club's roof they perfected the essence of a great party. They blended both traditional Indian melodies and dance with the best of the American bread modern music and catchy moves like "The Point" born from John Travolta's Saturday Night Fever. The beats mixed in perfect [...]

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Coming Up On Our 1 Year Anniversary

Time flies when you're having fun, they say and we at the Cuvier Club are coming up on our 1 year anniversary since change of management from the St. James Church to the now outstanding, San Diego premiere wedding and event venue.  So much has been accomplished over the past year and we [...]

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Lend a Hand, Add Your Touch to Your Event.

Some of us love creating, we know in our heart what we create is uniquely ours and gives a warm sense of accomplishment. This is a wonderful feeling. With simple materials you can make your own decorations for that future festive event. We have in our resources a few great ideas of how to create [...]

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Something Borrowed, Something Blue

The simple use of colored up lighting can transform our venue from something plain to something magical.  For the event pictured here, our bride chose "something blue", so we lit up the entrance, our north atrium, to the reception hall blue.  When the sun began to set you could see the "blue room" [...]

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Roofing Job done with Beautiful copper lining.

Summer took a jump start on us this weekend and gave the roofers excellent weather to finish the job.   Now the roof of the Cuvier Club has been finished with a copper panel lining along the edge all the way around the building.   One week of banging and drilling and electric [...]

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The Cuvier Club Roof Gets a Makeover.

To become one of the most popular special event venue spots in all of San Diego county the Cuvier Club has stepped up their appearance with many things and one of them is the roof which is getting a complete makeover.  This year has seen a little more rain than usual and here [...]

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The Cuvier Club’s New Ceremony Site

If you remember not so far back, The Cuvier Club was in the process of reconstruction.... well we are finally done with the construction of the new ceremony site and I must say, "it looks quite impressive". With two stunning cement fountains at each end of Silverado, and vibrantly colored begonias [...]