Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Cuvier Club North Atrium Room Transformed by Colour.

Cuvier Club North Atrium Room Transformed by Colour.

The simple use of colored up lighting can transform our venue from something plain to something magical.  For the event pictured here, our bride chose “something blue”, so we lit up the entrance, our north atrium, to the reception hall blue.  When the sun began to set you could see the “blue room” from all directions, a brilliant contrast to the white lounge furniture in the ceremony site and the reddish, pink flowers potted around the border. Once you pass through the north atrium, you would enter our reception hall where streaks of blue lighting climbed the walls around the room.  The use of blue here gave a feeling of reflection off water and even gave the wedding dress and aura so surreal.  Be creative, for Halloween we could do orange or try a pink at your wedding.

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