Tying the Knot in San Diego

We just celebrated Chris and Vienna’s wedding and their Asian-Fusion inspired theme was expertly done! Instead of the usual seated placement that we typically see here at the Cuvier Club, the ceremony took place under our pergola framed by hanging carnations. The guests were standing, which may seem less formal, but the ceremony also felt closer and more personal.
Chris and Vienna’s Guestbook.  Nothing fancy, but elegant in its simplicity.

Cuvier Club Ballroom with uplighting
The Cuvier Club Ballroom where the reception took place. The lighting really complemented the other elements of theme and warmed up the whole space.

Cuvier Club Ballroom with lighting
I liked the ballroom setup so much here’s another picture.  The hanging carnations were a fantastic feature to the usual decor

Flower centerpiece and table number
Flower centerpieces. Notice how even the candles match the color of the lighting.

assorted chocolate cupcakes
These assorted cupcakes are a very popular alternative to a wedding cake.

welcome sign for the ceremony
The wedding sign outside The Cuvier Club.  This style script was used on everything else – table numbers, beverage lists, etc.  Not overly busy, but still fun.

Wedding Vows
The bride reading the vows she wrote to her husband.  Original, a few jokes, and not too soppy, everyone enjoyed this moment.

Wedding party
Vienna and Chris’ wedding party lining the ceremony site.  I’m amazed at how much color there was during this event and it still looked great in our ceremony site.

Putting on the Wedding Ring
And there’s the ring! Two guests happily look on.

Bride and Groom
All smiles from the Bride

Cuvier Club Fountain
The ceremony sites fountain fit well with the overall theme

Dyed Hanging Carnations
These dyed hanging carnations were an excellent addition to the decor!

Flower Centerpiece in Ceremony Site
The ceremony site being prepped moments before the guests arrived.

The bride moving through the guests. She made it a point to thank every single person who attended. It made the day that much better.

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